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Incident Management System for Rapid Emergency Response


Artificial Intelligence

Cognyte Symphia (formerly Verint Nowforce) is a cloud-based incident management system. It's system maturity coupled with advance features enables incident response more efficient and more rapid. 


    • Passive Reporter – Typically a citizen or an employee who rarely engages with the operations center, who may voluntarily report encountered issues (accident, hazard, disorder etc.) to the operations center or will trigger an SOS in case of emergency situations.

    • Monitored Reporter – Typically an employee or a citizen under enhanced monitoring for personal safety or as part of policy enforcement, or a person who is required to adhere to geographical limitations (Geofence).

    • Engaged Reporter – Typically an employee or contractor who needs to engage with the operations center as part of their role to report statuses, fill forms and reply to messages.


    • Basic Responder – Typically employees who respond to occasional incidents that may be marginally related to their main job, for example security guards, patrolmen, and inspectors.

    • Advanced Responder – Typically employees who respond to incidents as the main focus of their responsibilities, for example medics, paramedics, and law enforcers.


    • Mobile Supervisor – an organization member in the field who has a defined jurisdiction over an area, a group of responders and a set of incident types.

    • Dispatch Operator – the Dispatch Operator resides in the operations center and is responsible for the management of incidents and field forces. The Dispatch Operator application is web-based and provides for the compartmentalization of information based upon the roles and responsibilities of each Dispatch Operator.

    • Administrator – the Administrator has all of the Dispatch Operator capabilities and is also able to configure and define all of the various entities in the system.

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